Eve (Inyoung Lee), fresh in London, meets Adam (Ciaran Lonsdale) when he offers to carry her suitcase and so it begins.

Cast your mind back to 2020. Stay home, save lives. The time of Tiger King and Zoom being the forefront in our minds. Imagine having a sneaky link in the guise of ‘fancy some ramen’ being locked down with you, without even being allowed for a daily exercise use break. This is what happens to our almost hapless not-quite-couple. It almost feels like two different stories meshed into one. Living separate but together, lives.

Topics are opened up, (‘what do you like about me’) dissected and discussed at length, intermittent with copious amounts of sex. A highlight being the pausing of the action to ask the drummer to carry on the beat. There are profound moments. Eve typing that when you see someone’s cast or culture, do you see that or the person, being one such.

Despite having potential the story wears thin, oftentimes falling into the trap of becoming self-indulgent and self-absorbed. The writing is strong, however (no spoilers) within ten minutes we know the ending, leaving the audience suffering with a high lack of interest. It is a shame; the bones were firmly in place but the lack of meat was palpable and tangible.

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Review: Kay Johal     Photo: Luca Papaianni