Comedy trio Sleeping Trees aka Joshua George Smith, James Dunnell-Smith and John Woodburn teamed up with Drag Artist Seayonce (Dan Wye) to bring to the Vaults this October/ November Peter Pan’s Labyrinth which combines JM Barry’s classic children’s novel Peter Pan with the 1986 Jin Henson film Labyrinth starring David Bowie and intertwined with the 2006 Spanish-Mexican film Pans Labyrinth.

Seayonce takes on the role of the late multi-talented legendary musician David Bowie. Bringing a touch of Ziggy Stadust back to earth while setting Pan on his mission to find the centre of his Labyrinth to return to being a boy and go back to Neverland to attend Tinklebells wedding.

The audience are introduced to a range of semi-familiar characters Matt the Postman with his black and white hat, The Regular Perverts, Gary from B&Q, the Mermaid with a fish head and many more characters. Even Kermit the frog also makes a guest appearance.

Comedy is in the style of improvisation and some of the comedy sees the cast struggling to keep a straight face and who can blame them? The Comedy ranges from innuendo, satire, daps of slapstick and plenty of ribald adult themes.

The stage has been hand-painted in the style of the set used in the film Labyrinth by extremely talented stage creative Maeve Black.

If drag artists, adult humour and plenty of laughs are your ideal night out then I can safely recommend that Peter Pan’s Labyrinth is just the show for you. With Christmas just around the corner, it would be the ideal show to treat yourself to.

The Vaults venue pride itself in bringing a collaborative range of artists to the stage from all walks of life. Peter Pan’s Labyrinth certainly lives up to its ethos.

The show runs until 7 January 2023.


Review: Elaine Chapman