New year, new life. And for theatre, new productions that look great are on their way to London!
Isn’t it very exciting?

I made a top 5 list of the shows that are opening and that I am particularly excited to see. Of course there are so many more that I will want to see but hey… one thing at the time!




Young Vic

poster for the brothers size theatre show


My tickets are ready for this play from Alvin McCraney, who wrote Moonlight (Oscar winner movie), about two African-American brothers reunited after spending some time in a prison.
Even if not everybody enjoyed the movie Moonlight, I did (pretty much, to be honest) so I am really looking forward to this play.




Dominion Theatre

Bat Out Of Hell Musical Poster


The explosive (literally: have you aver seen a motorbike exploding on a stage?) musical is coming back in April to London. I have already written about this musical and can’t really wait to see it again. And again.




Young Vic

promotional poster for the inheritance theatre production

 Another production of the great Young Vic, that never stop surprising us.
It is a play in two parts (so you will need to have 2 tickets) about the life of some gay friends in New York. My tickets are ready for this one too.




Victoria Palace Theatre

Hamilton promotional musical poster



I know. I know. Technically, Hamilton opened few weeks ago. But for me, 2018 will be Hamilton year, although I was able to book my ticket only for next July.




Trafalgar Studios

Promotional poster for Strangers In Between theatre production


I have heard great things about this Australian play about a gay teenager that moves to Sidney from the countryside to start a new life. And it is transferring from the King’s Head Theatre to the West End. Looks like another one not to be missed.



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