The Choir of Man makes a glorious return to the West End, after a long, successful run last year, when it received an Olivier nomination for Best Entertainment or Comedy Play.


For those who haven’t heard about the show before (where were you?), the company of The Choir of Man feature a bunch of talented guys, actors, musicians, and instrumentalists, performing sing-along music hits. A celebration of friendship and music. And beer, of course. The show is set in a pub, called “The Jungle”, with a real working bar. If you arrive at the theatre and you are thirsty, you won’t be disappointed.


This year we see Michael Baxter as ‘The Maestro’, Ben Norris as ‘The Poet’, Levi Tyrell-Johnson as ‘The Hardman’, Owen Bolton as ‘The Beast’, Jordan Oliver as ‘The Handyman’, Lemuel Knights as ‘The Barman’, Matt Beveridge as ‘The Romantic’, ‘Matt Nalton as ‘The Pub Bore’ and Matt Thorpe as ‘The Joker’. Completing the company are Mark Irwin, Sam Ebenezer, Gavin Ryan and Lucas Koch.


The Choir of man doesn’t pretend to have a narrative, so, don’t expect a story, but a few monologues and an eclectic choice of songs, from Adele’s “Hello” to “The Impossible dream”, from Sia’s “Chandelier” to the irresistible Pina Colada song and Ben Norris’ breath-taking version of Luther Vandross’ ‘Dance With My Father’: beautiful solos but also incredible harmonies, voices which blend perfectly.


The Choir of Man is uplifting, funny and thought-provoking at the same time. Give support to these guys. They deserve it.


It runs until 12 February 2023.


Photo: The Other Richard