World Tango Champion German Cornejo and his wonderful dance company, including his long-term dance partner and collaborator Gisela Galeassi, return to Peacock Theatre with Tango after Dark after a successful run in 2018.

German and his company came back to London with two different shows, Tango Fire and Wild Tango, none of them as spectacular as Tango after Dark.

The show makes you feel as if you are in Buenos Aires and not in the West End. The music of tango composer Astor Piazzolla is the perfect background to jaw-dropping choreography, and breath-taking moves performed with grace and ease. This is tango in its most authentic and sophisticated form.


The five dancing couples are German Cornejo & Gisela Galeassi, Mariano Balois & Micaela Spina, Ezequiel Lopez & Camila Alegre, Juan Malizia & Manuela Rossi and Nicolas Schell & Noelia Pizzo.  As well as dancing in the ensemble numbers, all the couples choreograph their own numbers to showcase their own particular styles. Every dancer gets the chance to shine.

The six-piece onstage band, under the direction of Diego Ramos, and the powerful vocals by Antonela Cirillo and Jesus Hidalgo add an even more Argentinian vibe to the night.

Music, dance, drama, passion, grace…this is an unmissable night for everyone, fans of the tango or not!


It runs until 22 October. Tickets: here


Photos: Leo Mason - Federico Paleo