When David Attenborough doesn’t show up for his much-anticipated show, the two hosts played by, Jess Clough-Macrae and Jonathan Tilley are forced to conjure up their very own animal adventure. From the tropical rainforest to the bustling jungle, from the deep ocean to the shivering Antarctic, Tilley and Clough-Macrae execute the weird and wonderful physicalities and characterisations that come along with this fast-paced insight into the wildlife on Earth.


The use of physical theatre is outstanding, as their commitment to the embodiment of these animals only adds to the comedy. A particular favourite of mine was the komodo dragon, as Clough-Macrae eyeballs the audience and flutters her tongue in a menacing manner, or when the famous iguana VS snake attack is recreated on stage, that famously featured on Attenborough’s Planet Earth II.


Not only is this show perfect for families due to its comedy, but there are also some very touching images created, that nod to the increase of deforestation and plastic waste, a vital message to flag up to the younger generations. As a plastic bag floats between animals, and chainsaws scare away the wildlife, we are reminded that our Earth is something we must take care of. From the scuttling of a crab, to the swinging of an orangutan, Clownfish Theatre really do make us think, what a wonderful world!


It runs until 3 September.



Review: Isabelle Tyner