For those that have experienced life in a new city understand how daunting new experiences can be. Whether you fully immerse yourself in the dating scene, try your very best to connect with the new locals or even join a gym to perfect your new city body, life on the other side can be lonely, a little frightening and a journey filled with emotional discord. 


For Cat who has recently moved to Barcelona comes to understand that loneliness is the key motivating factor that drives her to fully embrace her new country and surroundings. She strives for perfection in improving her physical image together with trying to find the perfect man which she soon discovers doesn’t exist. When we are faced with loneliness or even the topic rears its little head to the forefront, we tend to immediately turn to the comfort of others to eliminate the dreaded L word we all try so hard to avoid. Cat immediately immerses herself in the dating scene however it’s not really what it’s cracked up to be. She tries her hand at speed dating but discovers that it is filled with other lonely people trying to find love in all the wrong places.


Cat finds herself by chance volunteering at a homeless shelter which redefines how she sees life and how connecting with others who are less fortunate wholeheartedly impacts her current reality. As Cat quite aptly puts it ‘you find family in the most bizarre people’ and she comes to realise that it doesn’t really matter where or with whom you connect as you get to learn everyone’s stories even those that are difficult to digest. Cat finds solace in giving back to the community and with her volunteer work she emerges as a more whole and confident person who can tackle her emigration journey full on. In Cat’s expedition of trying to find the perfect relationship, boyfriend and navigating her life she soon discovers what is truly important to her.


Just Sayin’ is a one-woman show written and performed by Tina Zucco. Inspired by a true story Zucco gives a very heartfelt and insightful look into the ups and downs of emigration, and all the challenging attributes that come with it. Zucco herself comes from a small village in the northern Italian countryside and moved to London in search of new experiences so she fully understands what it feels like to embrace and forge connections in a new city. 


With direction by Lara Cosmetatos and produced by Siân Elissa for the 2022 Camden Fringe, Just Sayin’ is relevant for anyone who has experienced the enormity of emigrating to a new city. It runs until Sunday the 14th of August at The Hope Theatre.


Review: David Simmons  Photo: Sian Elissa