David Hunter and Tim Prottey-Jones hilariously revisit their time on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show, ‘Superstar’, on their brand new podcast - ‘Jesus Christ Supercast’. 


The late noughties brought the craze of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s TV Talent Shows, which were all huge hits with musical theatre fans. We saw the launch of careers for so many budding performers, such as Lee Mead in ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and Jodie Prenger in ‘I’d Do Anything’. ‘Superstar’ hit our screens in 2012 with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s search for a new ‘Jesus’ for his upcoming production of the iconic musical, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.


Although Hunter and Prottey-Jones didn’t win the talent show, it launched their successful musical theatre careers and, in this podcast, we hear them look back on their memories of their time as contestants. In these episodes, which launch a whole decade after the show aired, we hear behind-the-scenes stories, truthful experiences and snippets from the show which ignite fond memories for fans of the show. 


It must be said, this podcast might not be as an enjoyable series for everyone. If you were never a fan of the Lloyd Webber talent shows, this podcast may not be for you. The show is so brilliant due to the enjoyable memories which fans can look back on with these former contestants, but without this prior knowledge, the listener may not have the same emotional connection. Although Hunter and Prottey-Jones tell their stories with so much humour that maybe listeners will simply enjoy listening to them tell their tales from the reality/talent show, which was simply an intense casting process merged with The X Factor. 


The podcast is a very easy-listen, with episodes averaging at about thirty minutes long. Sound levels are also to a high standard, meaning you’re not constantly adjusting the volume which is common with other podcasts. Even the jingle is a fun twist on the iconic title song of the show, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar'. 


This podcast series is a brilliant opportunity to ignite the nostalgic moments of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Talent Shows for musical theatre fans. It has given us the opportunity to relive the drama, glamour, and sometimes cheesy performances, which had our eyes glued to our screen a whole decade on. 

You to listen to ‘Jesus Christ Supercast’ here.


Review: Anna Hulm