Tea House Theatre


 set image from Di and Viv and Rose theatre play

 set from Di and Viv and Rose Theatre play

This was my first time at the Tea House Theatre, which is a venue as lovely as the name suggests.

Di and Viv and Rose is a simple play. But I am a simple guy, so maybe this is why I liked it.

It is the story of three girls: Viv who is a book lover, Di who is a sporty lesbian and Rose who sleeps with every boy she fancies. They become friends sharing the same flat when they are 18 and the play follows their lives throughout the years

The three actors (Louisa Harland as Di, Allegra Marland as Viv and Georgie Oulton as Rose) are indeed very good. You can feel the happiness when they are happy, and the sadness when life is tough with them. Maybe this is also the reason why - even if the play is one hour long -it was easy for me to empathize with the characters and laugh and feel moved for the complexity of the emotions that were shared on the stage.

I hope this play will have a longer run in the future.


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