After touring the world, Canadian Machine De Cirque made its premiere in London at Saddler’s  Wells Peacock Theatre last night. This contemporary circus combines it all: physical theatre,  dance, music and clown, promising entertainment for the whole family. 

Set on a three story scaffolding structure surrounded by all sorts of machinery from wheels to seesaws, from street lamps to musical machinery. The five circus artists take us through this absurd world of wonders through a multitude of skills from trapeze to juggling, jumping through hoops to defying the deadly jumps on the seesaw through the scaffolding tower. All orchestrated by a musician playing pipes, drums, keys, and guitar, creating a very intimate and organic feeling for the piece.  

The fusion of trapeze and Chinese pole was thrilling, especially when the performer hoisted himself up on the rig whilst swinging on the trapeze. The other highlight of the evening was the  ‘pas de deux’ on a bicycle, during which the artist puppeteered this everyday object into a  beautiful and graceful dance partner. This was a poetic and masterful achievement not only from the lead artist but the whole troupe creating this beautiful moment. Ensemble work is at the heart of this show, offering danger and high-octane moments with the brilliantly exhilarating group juggling routine and jumping through seemingly impossibly small hoops.  

This is a show for all ages, and it is rare that comedy transcends decades as much as this show did. One of the best parts of the evening was to hear the younger audience members joining in laughter with the rest of us seasoned theatregoers. This was also used as a great effect, as the troupe’s famous towel act was only underscored by their screams and our laughter. Creating a  wholly harmonious moment of togetherness between the performers and the audience.  

If you’re looking for something fun to do this Jubilee weekend, take advantage of this limited run.  You are sure to leave with a smile on your face! 


Review: Jari Laakso        Photo: Gael Della Valle