Theatre Royal Haymarket 


 Stage for The Rat Pack musical


If you are a fan of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis junior, you will like this show.
If you are not a fan, you will like this show, too.
The show takes you back to the 60’s and to Las Vegas for a night of music and dancing that will blow away the winter blues. The actors and singers get inside the skin of the originals. I only felt that Sammy Davis' vocals were a bit shaky at times. The songs flow perfectly, hit after hit, and you will find yourself singing and rocking your body for two hours. This show had a Christmas version until yesterday, where instead of the Christmas part, a new performer Nicola Emmanuelle/Ella Fitzgerald was introduced (for the first night, then) and she was simply fantastic. A particular mention for the great orchestra too.
A very fresh and funny show. Entertainment at its best.


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