Cirque du Soleil meets Vegas Showgirls, Proud Cabaret is not one to miss. 


In the heart of London’s Embankment, an impressive display of red carpet glamour and a ‘Moulin Rouge’-esque entrance sets the tone for the night. Upon entering, the venue’s recently renovated exhibit of a flowered corridor and instagram-worthy corners creates an exciting start to the night. 


Being sat at a cabaret-style table, a palatial three-course meal is served throughout the show with welcome Prosecco upon arrival, living up to the show’s promise of an evening of indulgence. After some time to settle, the host, Jessicats (the show’s director, curator and choreographer) stuns the crowd with her charm before introducing the acts. 


The next two hours are filled with a compilation of stunning performances, from the fire-breathing Marie Devilreux to the remarkably in-sync ‘J’adore La Vie’ duo. There’s no telling what will come next as each act continues to impress and stun the beaming audience. 


Proud Cabaret is an exciting evening of indulgence, glamour and sheer escapism. Don’t miss out on one of London’s best nights out. 


Tickets: here.



Review: Bibi Lucille