Almeida Theatre 



The first day of the year did not start as expected, theatre wise.
The Twilight zone is an American series I sometimes used to watch with some reruns when I was a child. Kind of mystery, aliens, stuff like this.
Maybe I grew up, but this show in the lovely Almeida theatre did not give me any emotion. I actually found quite confusing the idea of take 8 (yes, eight) episodes and mix them for a play. Also, there were moments of involuntary laughs in the public, that are never a good sign.
The acting was good, and the set beautifully designed as a TV but the particular design cut almost half of the stage from my view (pretty lateral to be honest, but did not expect to have such a restricted view). So, we just left at the interval. Probably I could have used the time to sleep a little bit more after the New Year’s Eve.


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