‘The Animal Kingdom is in chaos: the sea levels are rising, the trees are being cut down and the icebergs are melting. Humans seem to do a much better job at destroying the environment than protecting it, so when ten-year-old Birdie meets the animals, it is up to her to be a voice for the voiceless’. 


Birdie’s Adventures, showcased at the Harrow Arts Centre, is a beautiful children’s musical that gracefully explores a very delicate topic. Ten-year-old Birdie (Anna Chloe Morey) gets taken on a tour of the animal kingdom by the fun and charismatic Robin (Gabe Hampton-Saint) who shows her how humans are destroying the planet. The audience learns alongside Birdie the damage humans are doing to the climate by throwing away rubbish, leaving the lights on and eating burgers. 


Birdie meets the likes of Shelley the Turtle (Amy Margaretta) whose ocean home keeps being littered by plastic she mistakes for food, Rory the Polar Bear (Vikram Grover) whose home keeps melting and Buttercup the Cow (Charlotte Swarbrick) who keeps being turned into burgers! 


Anastasia Bunce’s direction works flawlessly alongside Grace Joy Howarth’s writing, as this lovely and enlightening story comes to life. 


Birdie’s Adventures is a fun, family musical with wonderful music played by a live band and an important message we can all learn from. 


Birdie’s Adventures in the Animal Kingdom performed at the Harrow Arts Centre on the 13th of April for one day. 


by Bibi Lucille