Balletboyz have been thrilling audiences around the world with their spectacular dance moved for more than 20 years. Fusing beautiful dance with original music in the company’s unique and original style, their new show, Deluxe is embarking on a nationwide UK tour until May, after being adapted during lockdown for broadcast, first premiering online and later on BBC Four.

Deluxe is a two-part show: it sees Shanghai-based dancer and choreographer Xie Xin choreographing Ripple, shaped by China’s ancient culture, and set to an original score by composer Jiang Shaofeng. Described by the choreographer as a memory like an ocean, the piece explores movement inspired by the memory of a person and the energy that such memories possess: everything flows into everything else, fluidly. The group dance together, echoing perfectly each other’s movements, and capturing the sense of a constant flow of water.

Following that, another female choreographer, Maxine Doyle presents Bradley 4:18, with live jazz music composed by Cassie Kinoshi. It follows a young man, Henry, who wakes up at 4.18 am: each dancer presents one side of him. The number goes from a succession of solos to ensemble dancing and it explores beautifully the topics of insomnia, anxiety and masculinity, showing the idea of being stuck in a repetitive loop, and not being able to be free.

Watching the stunning choreography and performance of this group is always a wonderful experience and Balletboyz deserve to be successful for another 20 years and more. 

The current BalletBoyz Company includes: Dan Baines; Paris Fitzpatrick; Seirian Griffiths; Ben Knapper; Luigi Nardone; Alecsander Nilsson; Dom Rocca; Kai Tomioka.


Photo: George Piper