Having released his new EP exclusively on cassette two weeks ago, West End star David Hunter (‘Waitress’, ‘Kinky Boots’, ‘Once’) has now made ‘PLAY’ available on all online platforms. The original run of cassettes sold out in less than 24 hours, with one copy selling on eBay for an eye-watering £460! For those who missed out, ‘PLAY’ is finally available online for everyone to hear!


David said, “It was so much fun releasing the cassettes. People really embraced the idea and indulged in my nostalgia! Honestly, I spend half my life pining for the nineties, Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereal! But it’s finally time to bring ‘PLAY’ up to date and let everyone hear it in all its 21st century glory! The songs span eleven years of writing and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them.”


PLAY was Produced by Tim Prottey-Jones, with design work by Christopher Porter, and is available now on all music platforms.

The EP is available alongside a bundle of exclusive merch.