Overtures piano bar is a musical theatre marvel. Opening in the luxurious new setting at the Leicester Square Hippodrome, the bar offers great food and gorgeous company. What more could you want for a night out? If musical theatre, glitz and glam and belting your tits off are part of your morning routine then Overtures is the place for you and your friends. With accompaniment from live musicians, including the likes of the very talented Tom Knowles, there is every chance you may wake up the next morning with a slight husk. 

In addition, the hosts, including the likes of Jennifer Hepburn and Becky O’Brien, both glorious musical theatre pros, are sure to get the energy going. If musical theatre isn’t your thing, it is worth it just to hear them blow you away with the smash hits, ensuring you have a great time either way. However, if musical theatre is your element then have no shame in finding your crowd and singing show tunes until the poker players upstairs are curious enough to see what all the fuss is about! 

To top it all off, ‘when you’re good to mama’... (or the pianists in this case) they even take requests and will have you up on your feet in no time. Just remember, book the next morning off work in advance!


Overtures Piano Bar opens at Lola’s Underground Casino at The Hippodrome, Leicester Square, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm – 2am.

Considered to be London’s answer to the renowned Marie’s Crisis Café in New York, Overtures Piano Bar offers a spontaneous evening out with just the crowd, the piano, the pianist and the show tunes to see you through the evening. With no set list, no stage and no microphone, customers are invited to sing as much or as little as they want in an environment that welcomes everyone from all cultures, sexual orientations, backgrounds, and singing levels.

Songs on offer for people to sing-along range from popular classics such as Les Misérables, Wicked, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music and Grease, to the cult showtunes from Stephen Sondheim’s musicals and everything in between. Overtures will also feature regular guest appearances from the famed pianists and singing bartenders from Marie’s Crisis Café and will also showcase homegrown talent.

More info: here.

By Sebastian Calver.