What a December and what a year we have spent together!

We had a great year, giving you the latest reviews, news and interviews.

This is a blog about people: made by people who love theatre, for people who love theatre.

And it is important to understand that, even if theatre is also a business, it is Art, made by people like me and you.

In this wonderful year when our blog has grown so much, we experienced the feeling of being part of a community. Because this is what theatre is: a community of people who support each other.

From lead actors to ushers, from agents to bloggers, from writers to dancers: a big community.

This is particularly important if we give a look a deeper look to what really means to be a performer. We spoke with many artists and here’s the thing: being an actor is not easy. There is huge competition, there are difficult moments, and everyone goes through ups and downs. Many artists experience anxiety, stress, uncertainty, and more. It’s normal. But they are not alone.

This December, we asked all the shows currently on stage to record a video to say merry Christmas to the audience of our blog. We were impressed by the enthusiasm and the response we received by so many artists!

Also, a few days ago, we tweeted about Mike Roger, a guy working for Hamleys toy store in London, who was dancing outside the shop dressed as an elf and the tweet went viral. So many people overwhelmingly and lovingly supported Mike, because anything can happen in this city: even dancing on a street, going viral, and perhaps being offered a dream job.

We have something special in London: not just a business of millions of pounds, but entertainment at the highest level, created by people driven by passion, and made by artists who are incredibly talented but also look after each other.

They are very proud to be there, on that stage, to make us laugh and cry every night.

I know many of them follow this blog.

Since the beginning, LTR has been a friendly space for the actors; subjectively critical and honest about the quality of the work we review, yet very curious and open towards new voices and work. It’s a platform where new pieces of theatre and new actors can be seen and heard.

So, a big thank you to each one of you, from London Theatre Reviews.

Things happen. Things can happen.

Have a Merry Christmas!