In November 2020, Make a Film in a Weekend offered 100% bursaries for young refugees and asylum seekers from Compass Collective to attend an online film-making course, hosted by Bell House.

As part of the course’s writing workshop a talented young  writer called Delacky wrote a poem about a withering flower in the hand of a child, the result was beautiful;

“There's a young beautiful girl, looking lonely and afraid. 
She's having a sunflower in her right, 
which looks like it has been days without being watered. 
Her face is facing the sunset, making her shadow appear smaller.
She's holding tight on her sunflower not realising it's about to die.”

Fast forward to April 2021, Inspired by Delacky’s  poem, mafiaweekend, and Compass Collective are collaborating to bring the poem to life in an animated film. Delacky has now developed the short poem into a personal account of her experience arriving as a refugee in the UK.  Working with Kingston University Students, Delacky will oversee the adaptation of her story into a short animation film to be screened at the amazing We Cannot Walk Alone Festival in June 2021.


To bring this story to life the objective is to reach £1500.

£1000 for Kingston student animators;

£400 for musicians;

£100 Data for Delacky's mobile (for zoom calls); Certificate of completion (this helps Delacky with Home Office interviews); and a gift for Delacky to celebrate the end of this process.

Everybody deserves their story to be told - your contribution will not only help to tell Delacky's story but also showcase her unique talent and creativity, realised in collaboration with a brilliant young artistic team. You can contribute here.