Alpha’s London Alive!…What a treat! This event was launched in support of London’s Westend and art community, and what a perfect way to get our creative industry back in full swing, to the jazz hands, curtain calls and high notes. Intimate and atmospheric, Alpha’s rooftop bar is the perfect setting above the bustling streets of central London to gather before a busy summer commences for the arts. Fellow creatives gather to acknowledge the importance of Acting For Others, The Caron Keating Foundation and Target Ovarian Cancer charities; as well as to anticipate their London Lifestyle Awards (15th July) and La Dolce Vita After Party (16th July).

Ben Forster, Alpha’s creative director, welcomes the press, influencers, businessmen and women to Alpha’s private, member’s rooftop in a speech that awakens everyone’s spirits. Champagne in hand, everyone is networking, meeting and greeting each other in excitement before Lauren Samuels and Sophie Evans appear. Their voices are mellifluous, singing Over The Rainbow as the sunshine beams down onto them, and us, to promote their new album, Chasing Rainbows, Finding Judy. Alongside these lovely ladies are other huge names that will be involved in Alpha’s events: Brain May, Marisha Wallace and Kingdom Choir to name a few.

If this event is anything to go by, Alpha’s upcoming plans are not one to miss. Let this give back the momentum we so dearly miss and need to the Westend.

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By Isabelle Tyner