THIS IS REALITY 2000 lets you and your friends have the ultimate Zoom experience, wherever you are.  

Play as one of 12 outrageous housemates, each with their own secret objectives, and enjoy games, votes, group  challenges and dramatic twists in your very own reality show set in the year 2000, celebrating the rise of reality TV. 

This virtual game is crammed full of nostalgic early noughties references, including videos,  trivia, and a pumping rY2K-themed soundtrack. Players also get to vote for their winner, along with a variety of other  prizes and forfeits, by using a slick, live-updating scoring system. 

Game-changing immersive experience company Objective Entertainment have partnered with Pete Bennett, one of  Big Brother’s most popular contestants ever, to provide a new, premium VIP version of the game with a live guest appearance from Pete, plus add ons such as a video highlights package and themed cocktail sets, delivered direct to your door, courtesy of the award-winning kitsch cocktail creators Little Nan’s bar – cocktails include the AM I MINGING, NO NAKED JACUZZI and the  THIS IS DA-VINO – inspired by iconic Big Brother moments we all remember.  

Objective Entertainment have pledged to give 10% of profits from our CELEBRITY THIS IS REALITY 2000 to the mental  health charity

Tickets here.