Happy World Book Day! A day to remember how important books are.

Do you know that there are libraries where people, instead of traditional books, are on loan to readers?

The library is set up just like a normal library: you check out a "book" on a certain topic and have an allotted amount of time with it. The difference: the book is, well, a person.

These human “books” come from diverse backgrounds and have experiences that they are willing to share with their human readers. 



“The idea came to me to see if we could get people to sit down with someone they think they don’t like, unpopular types from the community,” says Ronni Abergel, who founded the Human Library with his brother at a music festival in 2000. Since then, the organisation has grown, and there are now libraries taking place in 80 countries worldwide.

"It's meant to be a safe space to ask difficult questions and not to be judged. To try and gain an important insight into the life of someone you think you know something about, but...you don’t”

The Human Library is a place where people who would otherwise never talked, can find room for conversation.