‘UNSKILLED’ follows a young artist on his way to a new job he has ‘retrained’ in,  dressing smart in his shirt and tie. On his journey through the London Underground and central London he comes in possession of the Daily News. “UNSKILLED’ the headline reads, an article quoting the government’s advice for young artists to  ‘retrain’, how their performing and creative talents are low skilled, deemed invalid.  The article triggers raw frustration, anger and passion that is bursting within him,  threatening to get out. Screaming inside at those who view him invisible. Breaking into dance in central London it's clear there are many other young artists in the  same position, they unite in frustration through powerful movement.  

At breaking point, the young artist takes us inside his mind. Now in a studio lit theatre, he is blinded by lights where he is free to be who he wants to be. Free to let his talent and skills be recognised, he is where he belongs. Supported by the same artists he discovered in London, the passion multiplies, becoming their protest, this is their bite back at those who forgot them.  

After impactful and powerful movement the young artists falls back out of the dream he finds himself still sat on the London Underground reading the newspaper. On arriving at work he crumples up the newspaper and drops it in the bin, this is the end of artists being classed as UNSKILLED and the spark ignited that no longer will his talents and skills be forgotten.  


Song: You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You  

Artist: James Arthur 

Cast: Harrison Dowzell, Annabelle Adey, Jordan Anderton, Cameron Flynn,  Ronnie Lee, Abi Logan, Emma Rose 

Director/Choreographer: Cameron Flynn 

Assistant Director/Choreographer: Abi Logan 

Cinematography/Editor: SILVER CACTUS PRODUCTIONS Lighting Designer: Chris Vaughan (Chris Vaughan Production Lighting) SLX Lighting: Katy Lowe, Ruari Cormack 

Photographer: Seren Williams 

Special Thanks: Matt Malone @ Zero Origin LTD, Kaasam Aziz, Matthew  Bourne, Kerry Biggin, Etta Murfitt, Alex Ringham, Gaz Wall, Charlotte Walton 

Supported by New Adventures #SpringForward #SpringForward2020  #acesupported