Whether you work, support, perform or just love going to the theatre. Here’s a message to let you know that ‘we will come back home’

A group of dancers performed a rousing number across London as theatres prepared for a second lockdown.

Overseen by director/choreographer Cameron MacDonald with assistant direction from Tom Keeling and Fabio Santos (as well as videography by Santos).

You can watch the video here

Director/Choreographer: Cameron MacDonald

Assistant Directors: Tom Keeling/Fabio Santos
@tomkeeling84 @fabsedits

Videographer: Fabio Santos

Dancers: @alanyamaisie_x @ambersophw @bethhgourlay @chloburton_ @chloelindz @dylanholdsworth @emilyannpotter93 @emmacashton @hettiepearson @laurahillsssss @lewis_herring @rossmeagrow @sammurphy2310 @zacadlam @zoethirteeeen