Jon Morgan, director of the Theatres Trust, asked the Government today for clarification on whether rehearsals can continue, as without them Christmas productions will be impossible.


“While we understand the absolute necessity of protecting lives at this critical time, Theatres Trust is disappointed that theatres will have to close for a further month during the November lockdown. Many theatres were only just managing to reopen or were preparing to reopen with Christmas shows and this news will come as a further blow to an already struggling sector. We are seeking urgent clarification whether theatre rehearsals, alongside television and film production, can continue as without this Christmas shows will not go ahead. This further setback means theatres will need to further delay their reopening and many will still be unable to do so viably under the three tier system.

While we are grateful that the Government has extended the furlough scheme for a further month to cover lockdown, theatres still need further sector-specific support beyond the end of November to ensure this latest blow does not lead to more closures.”


England's month-long lockdown could be extended beyond 2 December if necessary, cabinet minister Michael Gove has told Sky News this morning.