Author, Photographer and Video Designer Nina Dunn has documented the struggle of the industry through pictures of empty theatres.


Entitled The Dark Theatres Project, the series raises money for charity, with anyone donating to the scheme receiving a print of one of her photos.

The Dark Theatres Project seeks to raise funds for Theatre Professionals who have lost their livelihood during COVID-19. 


The Industry has been financially devastated by the lockdown and tens of thousands of skilled workers have fallen through the cracks in government support.

For most of these people, a whole year’s income disappeared overnight on 16th March 2020 when the Theatres Closed.

Through this fundraiser either individual prints or a beautifully designed book that documents a unique journey through empty prominent London Theatres can be ordered. The photographs will be accompanied by personal testimonials from the people who once inhabited these buildings, working behind the scenes to create the magic of Theatre.


“The epic beauty of these places can sometimes only be appreciated in their emptiness. Knowing that there was nobody anywhere nearby made the darkness even more thick and impenetrable. What they needed more than anything was for the people to return”, Nina wrote.


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