Marking two months since George Floyd’s death during police arrest in Minneapolis USA,  and in response to the outrage expressed across the globe, theatre producer Danielle Tarento has brought together more than 150 Black and Black mixed race actors from the UK and the US, along with a 38-piece orchestra, to record ‘Make Them Hear You,’ from the Broadway musical ‘Ragtime’, to raise money for StopWatch (

In ‘Ragtime’, set in New York at the turn of the 20th century, African-American Coalhouse Walker Jr. suffers great injustice because of his colour.  Fighting back, he sings an inspirational message of hope before surrendering himself to the police, who ultimately shoot and kill him.

Go out and tell our story, Let it echo far and wide, Make them hear you, Make them hear you.
How Justice was our battle, And how Justice was denied, Make them hear you, Make then hear you.
And say to those who blame us For the way we chose to fight, That sometimes there are battles That are more than black or white” 

You can listen to the song and watch the video with this link: