Theatre is art and fantasy, which notoriously have no limits. But, to be honest, this is the first time I hear about a theatrical experience that starts In Canada and ends in a musical, in London.

Because this is what The Curious Voyage does.


Daniele Bartolini is the Director of this incredible experience.


Daniele, tell us more about you and  of course, about The Curios Voyage.


"I was born in Florence and moved to Toronto 5 years ago and since then I have started to create shows from my experience of being an immigrant, because not knowing the city, the people and the language inspired my writing. The work that I do is city-specific and audience-specific.

City-specific because the audience gets the chance to discover the city and when you cross it, you come across a number of strangers and artists who will interact with you using various artworks. Audience-specific because I try to create shows designed for each person who takes part in the experience, so they can release their own creativity and share their life story.


The curious voyage is a concept of Arkady Spivak, Artistic Director of TIFT (Talk is free Company). He got in touch with me because in the past I created a 72 hour live theatrical experience in a city next to Toronto called St Chatarines, where people were involved in a mystery of a missing person  (like Twin Peaks or True Detective). So this time, The Curious Voyage will take people from Berrie, Canada to London, UK, and the voyage will be the centre of the experience.


The Curious Voyage begins from these questions: do we really know what we are and what things can happen in our life than can shift what we are and how would we react?

It is a voyage of self-discovery, as the etymology of curious (from the latin curiosus, meaning somebody who cares), and you are invited to be curious and explore yourself.


There are groups of max 36 participants: the voyage begins from Barrie, and they are going to travel across the city and in the evening they will stay in the hotel. But be careful – even the hotel is part of the experience!

In the second day, the group will fly to London and there they will reach Morton Hotel.

On day three, you will be exposed to London: you will become familiar or you will reconnect (if you know it already) with the city. You will have many artistic encounters and you will be led to a secret location where a Tony award-winning musical will happen. The musical is directed by Mitchell Cushman and after the musical, the audience will gather together and reflect and share their personal experiences.


It is an experiment never done before and it is a new territory for theatre."


We have no difficulty believing it and we wish best of luck to everybody involved in this exciting experience.


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