Alarming news: South Korea shuts theatres and parks after a new spike in Covid cases yesterday. Hundreds of infections have been linked to nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

Because of a new spike in cases, South Korea may be at risk of losing its reputation as a role model for handling the virus. It is often praised internationally for its early strategy of testing and thorough tracing of people with COVID-19.


A few days ago, Andrew Lloyd Webber has urged the Government to follow the example of South Korea to save the performing arts. One of Lloyd Webber's most popular shows, The Phantom Of The Opera, is currently showing in Seoul, where theatres have remained open. Audiences are required to wear face masks, and temperature checks are mandatory. Staff members are also provided with PPE.


In Germany, cinemas are beginning to reopen, with social distancing measures and plexiglass between blocks of seats.


Is this the future of theatre too?


Photo: DPA