We gave you a few days ago the news that theatres may not open again until a vaccine for Coronavirus is found.


Producer Cameron Mackintosh told BBC Radio 2 show this morning that theatres will struggle to reopen before 2021.

"The truth is, until social distancing doesn't exist anymore, we can't even plan to reopen," he said. "And I think from the moment social distancing doesn't exist anymore, it will take us four to five months to actually get the actors back together. I think the truth is we won't be able to come back until early next year."

Mackintosh goes on to say that theatres re-opening with social distancing guidelines in place would be a "horrible experience."

"We want the audience to feel safe, and we want the actors to feel safe," he said. "An audience going together spaced out would be a horrible experience. It's the experience that makes it so unique."