Lambert Jackson Productions and the Theatre Café today announce the line-up for the second week of their Leave A Light On series. 


There will be three performers per day next week, with each performer providing a 45-minute set from their own homes as lockdowns continue. 


Monday 30 March

2.30pm Nathaniel Morrison
4.30pm Grace Farrell
6.30pm Declan Bennett


Tuesday 31 March

2.30pm Simon Bailey
4.30pm Kelly Mathieson
6.30pm Jordan Luke Gage


Wednesday 1st April

2.30pm Daniel Boys
4.30pm Sophie Isaacs
6.30pm Aimie Atkinson


Thursday 2nd April

2.30pm Declan Egan
4.30pm Hannah-Grace Lawson
6.30pm Velma Celli (Ian Stroughair)


Friday 3rd April

2.30pm Blake Patrick Anderson
4.30pm Daniel Koek
6.30pm Marisha Wallace