Theatre Together, a new collective of over 50 artists and professionals, today announce All the Web’s a Stage an online event featuring a variety of live performances to raise money for those in the arts facing hardship as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The event takes place on Shakespeare Day, 23 April, a date marked to celebrate the Bard and the performing arts.


The event will feature a curated programme across a variety of live performance disciplines such as cabaret, comedy, dance and theatre. Those taking part include Danny Mac, Tom Milner, Jodie Prenger and La Voix. Further participants and programme details to be announced.


Performances will be streamed live throughout the day on Thursday 23 April. Audiences will be able to watch for free, with the opportunity to donate to those in the performing arts in need. Further details on streaming platforms and the charities being supported will be announced shortly.



Danny Mac said today, “At this moment of worldwide crisis, many of our colleagues in the arts are facing severe hardships as their jobs literally disappear. It’s so important the industry comes together to support each other, and this feels such a fitting way to raise money for those in need and allow audiences to continue enjoying live performance.”


Paul Virides, co-producer of All the Web’s a Stage, added, “Our world faces unprecedented times, and we in the arts are facing huge challenges, with the CIF indicating today that 47% of freelancers in the arts have lost 100% of their booked gigs. Across the UK artists have been coming up with ingenious ways to stay connected and support each other during this time. The 23 April has long been a significant day in the theatre world to celebrate the life of Shakespeare. His quote that ‘all the world’s a stage,’ when we can’t access our own stages, has never felt more resonant in our lifetimes. In 1661, 23 April also marked the beginning of the Restoration of theatres in Britain: the end of the last time we were forced to close for a prolonged period of time. So it feels the perfect date to come together to celebrate live performance and raise money for our colleagues struggling at this critical time.”