International Stars from across European Stages and London’s West End, have come together to release a stunning cover version of the classic song "What a wonderful world", released Friday 8th March 2024 and available for purchase/download on all worldwide platforms. 

Award Winning, West End performers and power couple Rob Fowler, currently playing the leading role of Graf Von Krolock in Hamburg’s Tanz der Vampire, (Bat Out Of Hell, The Rocky Horror Show) and Sharon Sexton (Bat Out Of Hell, Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot) have once again combined their talents and passion for charity work, with the recording of their latest project, a charity single cover version of the Louis Armstrong’s classic hit What A Wonderful World.

The piece has been musically arranged and conducted by maestro Phillip Grass, (Hamilton, The Greatest Showman Tour) who has brought the enormous talents of Jessica Ling (Babylon Orchestra Berlin, Royal Scottish National Orchestra) and Anne Sophie 

Keckeis (Accio piano trio, Munich Philharmonic Orchestra) onboard to complete the string section in his intimate and delicate musical arrangement. 

Along with Sexton and Fowler, an incredible lineup of guest vocalists have also generously shared their time and phenomenal talents to feature on the project 

Steve Balsamo (Jesus Christ Superstar, Notre Dame De Paris) 

Amy Di Bartolomeo (Six, We Will Rock You) 

Cassie Compton (Les Miserables, Wicked) 

Gino Emnes (Hamilton, Miss Saigon) 

Ross Harmon (Wicked, Mamma Mia) 

Mae Ann Jorolan (Hamilton, Hercules) 

Jodie Sam Steele (Wicked, Heathers) 

All artists have provided their talents gratis. All money generated from downloads will be donated to UNFPA (The United Nations Population Fund)’s fundraising drive for Emergency Birthing Kits 

The single was mixed by Geri Wiesenecker in Vienna and mastered & digitally distributed by HitSquad Records

The idea for the project was inspired by Sexton and Fowler’s little boy, Tyler whose favourite book happens to be titled after the song “What A Wonderful World”, illustrated by artist Tim Hopgood. 

“We were watching the news one morning over coffee and were so devastated by what was happening in the world that we ended up doing what most people have to do to maintain their sanity and switching off. Rob picked up the guitar and Tyler was on the floor leafing through his favourite book and Rob just began playing and I started singing” 

It was such a beautiful moment of peace and calm, and such a juxtaposition to what we had just seen on the news, I remember thinking how lucky we were. I picked up my phone to capture the song, which we often do to “work on it later”, and then I decided to share a clip of our little moment of serenity on Instagram and it got such a huge response. The idea occurred to us, that we should record the song & potentially release it as a charity project. 

I reached out to some friends, as I thought, the more voices we could add, the more people interest it would generate publicly and I was so delighted that the word spread quickly and our incredible network of friends, super talented musicians, vocalists, sound engineers and music producers all jumped at the chance to get on board - all for free. 

We also contacted Tim Hopgood the artist who was also completely behind the project, allowing us to use his artwork as part of the promotion. It’s incredible how generous people can be. I just hope the single gets a lot of support so that all the funds can go to the right place. 

We chose UNFPA’S fundraising drive for Emergency Birthing Kits, as it seemed fitting for a piece inspired by the innocence of baby Tyler and also fitting with a release just in time for Mother’s Day” 

- Sharon Sexton

UNFPA work in every country that is experiencing a time of crisis due to war or natural disaster. They provide kits to expectant mothers, essential supplies for newborn infants, as well as dignity kits to women and girls. 

This is where all monies raised will be sent. 

“Our mission is to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person's potential is fulfilled. A clean birthing kit can be the difference between life and death” UNFPA