The "The Prince of Egypt - the Musical" will be in cinemas in the UK & Ireland this October.  Trafalgar Releasing will distribute the Dreamworks-produced film.

This filmed version was recorded in December 2021.

The cast includes Luke Brady (Moses), Liam Tamne (Ramses), Christine Allado (Tzipporah), Alexia Khadime (Miriam), Joe Dixon (Seti), Debbie Kurup (Tuya), Oliver Lidert (Jethro), Mercedesz Csampai (Yocheved), Adam Pearce (Hotep), Nardia Ruth (Nefertari) and Silas Wyatt-Barke (Aaron).

It will be broadcast on dates across the UK from 19 October at a variety of locations, with tickets already on sale through Picturehouse locations. The BBFC has also rated the film PG.