Congratulations to Sam Tutty. He will be Evan Hansen in the West End.

He will be joined by Lucy Anderson, playing Zoe Murphy, and West End actress Rebecca McKinnis as Heidi Hansen.

Also, RADA graduate, Doug Colling as Connor Murphy, Tony-nominated actress Lauren Ward as Cynthia Murphy, Rupert F. Young as Larry Murphy, Jack Loxton as Jared Kleinman, and Nicole Racquel Dennis as Alana Beck.


Marcus Harman will play the alternate Evan plus cover for Connor & Jared roles.

David Breeds will be the cover for the roles of Evan, Connor & Jared.

Alex Thomas-Smith will cover Evan Hansen and Jared.

Tricia Adele-Turner will cover Evan’s mum Heidi & Connor’s mom Cynthia.

Natalie Kassanga will cover the Zoe and Alana roles.

Hannah Lindsey will cover the Heidi and Cynthia roles.

Six’s Courtney Stapleton will cover students Zoe and Alana.


You can fund tickets from £30: here