West End theatre tickets have hit record highs with the average cost of a ticket to a musical costing £140 and £114 for a play, according to the latest The Stage Ticketing Survey. For a family of four, this can tip the bill to over £500 without taking into account additional funds required for accommodation, travel and food. 

‘Restricted view’ is normally a huge turn off for theatregoers looking to buy tickets to the latest hit show in the West End, but new research by theatre seating company SeatPlan, has shown that audiences can experience a five star seat at almost 50% less than the average ticket price. 


SeatPlan has analysed every restricted view seat from 10 of the biggest shows in the West End, including Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked to determine the best restricted view seats that could save theatre fans over £100 on the average ticket price. 

The research found that there are over 5,900 restricted view seats in the West End, amounting to around 9.4% of the total number of seats available.

The most common type of viewing restriction is a safety rail, affecting 1,836 seats. Other common types of restricted view include circle overhangs, pillars and side views. 

Ben Jackson, founder of SeatPlan, said: “With a little research, restricted view seats can often be hidden gems in the West End, potentially saving theatregoers a lot of money, without compromising on a great view of the stage. Double check the wording of the restriction, compare photos and reviews from fellow audience members, and enjoy an epic treat to the theatre without breaking the bank!”