David Hunter (Once, Kinky Boots, Waitress) and Tim Prottey-Jones (Rent, Once, Kinky Boots)  have announced their brand new podcast, ‘Jesus Christ Supercast’. 


Join the pair as they rewatch and relive ITV’s ‘Superstar’, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s search for a leading man to play Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, which aired exactly ten years ago this July. And while neither of them won (and they’re still hoping for a recount) the show did launch their Musical Theatre careers, so they certainly stuck around long enough to witness the whole damn saga – the high notes, the bum notes and an Ed Sheeran song that will haunt them until the day they die.

Despite facing each other in the dreaded ‘Superstar’ sing-off, the pair have remained firm friends and have come together ten years on to relive every anxiety-inducing moment… and then laugh about it!

“It’s a bit like a Musical Theatre Gogglebox, I guess!” said David, “It’s been so lovely watching the episodes back and reminiscing.”

“There’s just so much that was never aired”, added Tim, “Weeks of our lives were squeezed into an hour of tele. Now we can reveal all the behind-the-scenes secrets… and tease each other about how eager we were!”

The first episode of Jesus Christ Superstar becomes available on Thursday 7th July and then matches the TV show’s release schedule from a decade ago.


Link: here.