Do you have a show going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year?
Want to perform in front of a London audience before you hit the Mile?
You can apply to perform this July, hosted by One Night Records.
ONR brings you 'Before The Mile', a brand new series of Pre-Edinburgh shows. Various performances will fill the 30,000 sq ft venue within the tunnels of London Bridge, founded by Tim Wilson, one of the creators of VAULT festival, and Producer of One Night Records, Phoebe Stringer.

For companies and artists taking work to Edinburgh this year, 'Before The Mile...' is a great opportunity to put the show on its feet in front of an audience, get press or industry contacts in to see their work, and make a few pennies to take up with them to the Fringe!

With no overhead costs, free rehearsal space and a box office split in the artists' favour, this season aims to celebrate some amazing work from a variety of different artists.

Running from the 3rd-21st of July.

You can find the performer information pack here.

Applications are open NOW via Eventotron.