It has been a great year for AJ. He won the reality Let it shine and now is on tour with the successful musical "The Band" that will arrive in London this December (see the news here). Let's chat with him.



Hi AJ. It has been more than a year since you and Five to Five won the TV show "Let it Shine". What are your memories about it?

It was exciting! I was watching talent shows since I was a child and it was a dream of mine to be in a talent show and win. Being able to perform in front of Gary Barlow and millions of people at home it was an honour and a great experience.


How would you describe "The Band" and why we should come to see the show?

It is a different musical and it is not what people would expect. Many people would expect a story about Take That, but it is actually an original story written by Tim Firth of a group of friends, and you can see them growing up from teen agers to adults, and see the story of their life, their journey unfold. It is an original musical and not the standard juke-box musical that you might expect to see.

The reception was exceptional in every place we have gone. It is the fastest selling theatre tour of all time, and it is all very exciting.



You have been on tour for a while now. How is the tour life?

Touring is different because you move to different cities, you live in different places and it is a lifestyle change. I am loving it because it gives me the chance to see different parts of the UK and beautiful theatres. A great experience!


What kind of music do you listen to?

I love Pop, R&B and soul and have always been a big fan of Take that so it was a big honour for me when I met them and started working with them.


Good luck and see you soon, AJ!