After winning a “musical theatre” battle with Matthew Croke, Andrew Bateup is getting ready for the semi-finals of The Voice (this Saturday, 8.30 PM, ITV).

Andrew is not just a great singer: his theatre credits include the UK tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (2012-15) and Choir Of Man (2019).


Let’s talk about The Voice, and, well, theatre of course:


Andrew, why did you decide to audition for The Voice? And how is your experience so far?


I have always wanted to audition on ‘The Voice UK’ but never managed to get a chance to sing to the celebrity coaches. There is a long process before you even get to the blind auditions so I was very lucky to get the opportunity this year. The experience has been a complete whirlwind and I still have to pinch myself that it is actually happening. It has been equally as terrifying as it has been exhilarating but I’m just so grateful for every moment of it. 


You’re a singer and an actor. Are you excited for theatres to reopen in May? 


I think it would be an understatement to say that our industries have been some of the worst affected during the pandemic. It’s been saddening to witness the music and theatre industries completely collapse over the past 12 months. Having the opportunity to sing at all during the pandemic was just incredible, especially with a band as good as they have on The Voice. The news that theatres and music venues can slowly reopen this summer is just the lift that everyone needs! I hope that alongside Lauren Drew and Matt Croke, we’ve represented the theatre industry as well as possible to the nation and can’t wait for the explosion of theatre that’s just about to occur! 

I’ll be forever grateful to both Sir Tom Jones and Olly Murs for turning their chairs at my blind audition. Neither of them will ever realise how much I needed that and how much of a confidence boost it has given me moving forward as a performer. It’s incredibly surreal when you talk to the celebrities after singing, and I’ve been humbled by all of their kind remarks. Who knows what the future will bring once both the music and theatre industries reopen but I am very excited for what opportunities may come my way. 



Can you name some of your favourite singers, the ones you grew up listening to?


I have been influenced by quite a broad variety of musical genres over the years. I began singing gospel music in church whilst taking classical singing lessons. I then moved into musical theatre before more recently finding a real passion for jazz and soul music. My playlists on Spotify reflect how much my musical experiences have varied. I love listening to artists such as Frank Sinatra, Gregory Porter and Jamie Cullum. 



How do you feel about your journey, the battle, and your feedback? Are you excited about the future? 


Taking part on a programme such as ‘The Voice’ is definitely an experience that I’ll never forget. There is so much that goes into production that you just don’t realise when watching at home. Each round brings a completely different challenge and it certainly keeps you on your toes! Take the battle for example, where Matt Croke and I were given the song ‘Always’ by Jon Bon Jovi. It was out of my comfort zone and I had to work extremely hard to earn a place in this year's Semi-Finals. 


The appointment is for Saturday night, on ITV. Good luck, Andrew!