Hi Kerry! 

In March the world changed for all of us due to the pandemic. How did it affect you? And what has made you cope through this crisis? 


The pandemic changed everything for me, I had a really busy year planned with touring and shows, etc so to slowly have everything stop was a shock, we have rescheduled everything so I’m sure all these shows will go ahead at some point. To keep busy I had my family of course, but I started my own podcast “Keep Calm and Kerry On” which has been incredible and we are now filming season 2 due to be released mid-October. I also rebased a new album “feel Like Home” which I have been sending out all over the world from my website www.kerryellis.com , and I’ve been working on a book …so it’s been ok. 


You have starred in West End musicals and toured with the likes of Brian May: is circus cabaret a new venture for you? And what would you find its biggest or most rewarding challenges?


I’m so excited to be working with such incurably talented artists from all backgrounds! That’s what excites me: to perform with talented people - and this show is full to the brim with them.


What has the rehearsal process been like for Cabaret All Stars? Have you learnt or planning to learn any tricks from your fabulous co-stars?


To be honest, it has been great to actually be in a venue and have a rehearsal with sound and lights. I can’t wait to work with all the other acts.


What does it mean to you to be able to return back to performing in front of a live audience? 


It’s like breathing again. I feel like I’ve had a huge part of myself missing for months and I’m so ready to release my voice and performer again !! I actually can’t wait to be in front of a real live audience again.


What excites you most about Cabaret All Stars and why should we come and see it?


It is LIVE !!!!! And a line of people at the top of their game: artists that have performed all over the world are coming together for this rare opportunity. With so many shows and venues closed Proud has brought together a line up that you would never see together, all in one evening! I wouldn’t want to miss this show…It’s a moment in time that you don’t want to miss.


Thank you for taking the time to answer these, and all the best for your run!


Tickets for Proud Embankment’s Cabaret All Stars are available here


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