After our talk with Matthew Croke (see here), now is the time to have a chat with his beautiful partner in Aladdin.


Hi Jade. Before starting Aladdin you said it was a dream coming true. So, after two years, how is your experience going?

I have almost finished my second year at Aladdin and I am still having the best time! I will never get tired of the beautiful production, the costumes and of course singing ‘A Whole New World’.

Flying on the magic carpet under the stars is so magical, I am so lucky to be able to do that every night. 

Why do you think Aladdin is such a popular movie and musical?

I think the idea of being granted three wishes appeals to everyone because we are all guilty of saying at some point in our lives  ‘if only I could have… then I would be happy..’ but I think the message, in both the movie and musical, is very powerful because it shows us that searching for happiness externally will never be as valuable as finding happiness and love within ourselves first. I think this is something that resonates with everyone, whilst getting lost in a beautiful, magical love story. 

Is there a musical or play you have recently seen and liked?

Unfortunately, I have not been able to see any shows for a while now, but the last one I saw was ‘The Toxic Avengers’ which absolutely blew me away!! The cast were incredible and I honestly had the best time!

Is there space for any other dreams in your drawer?


Yes I have lots of things I want to go on to manifest. At the moment I am really enjoying developing my skills as an actress and I would like to continue to do more screen and tv projects in the future.. maybe more stage work too - who knows! As long as I get to earn a living doing what I love then I’m happy. That would be my ultimate dream!


Thank you Jade, and see you on the magic carpet!