BAT OUT OF HELL is back in town and hotter than ever. I am very pleased to have a chat with Wayne.


Can you tell us more about you and your work?

I'm from South East London in 2008 I survived a brutal stabbing which nearly cost me my life. A turning point l later discovered. I'm someone that naturally goes against the grain a rebel at heart and for the people always. I never trained at your traditional theatrical school I learnt my trade from the live music scene growing up as a kid. If you follow your excitement the path is somewhat laid out for you.


How is your experience going so far?

We're still in the preview runnings so there's  lot of tweaking going on and aches and pains that are professionally hidden behind show faces. The show is in good shape and we have an excellent family.


Why do you think BAT is such a popular musical?

In my opinion it's a popular musical because the songs are heart felt written. Any popular production can manifest all sorts of wonder from a good written piece if done honestly.


What kind of theatre do you like to go to?

I'm a traditional guy I still like my Gene Kelly musicals I don't usually go to the theatre as it's not my background I just play roles in them.


Thank you, Wayne!