One of the thing I love about London is that there are many amazing shows to see. But also that there are amazing actors, and no doubts that Mitchell is one of them and I am sure we will hear about him a lot in the future.


Hi Mitchell. Can you tell us something more about you and your work?


Foremost, I am an Actor. I am a Londoner. I am Dog person. I love to read. I hate being cold. Cheese, Chocolate and Losing are my weaknesses. My strengths are Bouldering, DIY creativity and a vast knowledge of Harry Potter Facts. 

My work is a little more serious than that. I am a fun person but I approach all of my work with professionalism. I have 3 rules that I tend to abide by. Be on time. Do your homework. Don’t be a P**ck. If there is room for a laugh along the way, GREAT! I am all for it. But if not, I just do my job and I leave. I have always wanted to be on stage, it just took a bit of travelling for me to realise it and Drama School to perfect it. 


 You are playing in Glass Roots. How is the experience going? 


The experience has been an interesting one.. But these last couple of weeks of performing have been fun, enjoyable and I have definitely learnt a lot. Although I play a bad guy, I have to say that is has been quite refreshing and actually fun to put him on the stage. By no means do like the character or what he stands for, but its been great to play him. 


What is next for you?


I will be making a web series with a group of friends/creatives over the month of April. Keep your eyes peeled for “The Heist”.


What is the last theatre show or TV series you have seen?


I actually made my way to the Vaults last week and saw a friend perform in a play called “Dirty Little Machine”. It was banging! On TV, Rick and Morty. You can’t go wrong there!


Thank you, Mitchell!