Hi Stephen. Where are you from, originally?


Bradford in Yorkshire.


So, how did you “become” Frank Sinatra?


Many years ago, I was a salesman in Tenerife. A friend of mine had just opened a karaoke bar and I went along on the opening night to support him. After one or two(?) drinks, I got up to sing New York, New York. The reaction was quite something. Everyone said I sounded just like Frank Sinatra! 


On the strength of that, I applied to be on Stars in Their Eyes. I won the heat and was a runner-up in the final. My performance was noticed by Colin McFarlane, now a friend, who was directing and acting in a play, No Way Out, and he asked me to sing in the opening scene. 


Bob Geldof’s partner, Jean Marine, was in the show and Bob came to support her. My photograph was taken with Sir Bob for OK! magazine. The magazine was read by the wife of a director in America who was looking for a “Frank”. She brought the photo to his attention, he flew to the UK to meet me, offered me the job.


Within a month, I was playing Frank Sinatra for the Americans in the Copa Room of the Sands Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, and a year later in the Venetian showroom in Las Vegas. The show ran for three months in Las Vegas, after which I was approached by a company in the UK to play Frank in the West End show The Rat Pack: Live from Las Vegas.


Is there something that helps you to “become” Frank Sinatra on stage?


Not really. Doing my hair and getting into the tux or suit flicks the Sinatra switch on in my head.


How hard is performing like him and how did you learn it?


I have to admit that performing like him has now become second nature. That is only after listening to him since I was 15 years old, watching every single bit of footage on tape, DVD, YouTube, and listening to every single and album released(!), rehearsing for years, and constantly checking myself against audience reaction. Otherwise it’s easy! Ha. 


I used to say it beats working for a living, but it’s actually the hardest job I’ve ever had. Thankfully, whenever I doubt myself, I have the words of Frank Sinatra Jr to remind me that I might be doing okay: “Stephen Triffitt is the best. The greatest. Because he captures the soul of my father.”


What is your favourite Frank Sinatra piece of work?


As a whole, I would say The Main Event concert. Frank was totally in his element. In charge, in great voice and totally captivating!


What can the audience expect from your concert at Cadogan Hall in June?


A full recreation of an album never performed live! All of the songs that launched him with Capitol Records and Frank’s first collaboration with Nelson Riddle. A full orchestra. Amazing music. Memories to treasure forever (from the song We’ll Be Together Again)!


Stephen Triffitt will perform the iconic Frank Sinatra album, Songs for Swingin’ Lovers! at Cadogan Hall on Sunday 11th June 2023. To book, click here.