Some of you might know Chris Peluso for the musicals Miss Saigon or Show Boat.

The first time I saw Chris was in the musical “Loves takes a holiday” (he was a handsome Death, to be honest), and I was impressed by his acting and his beautifully sweet voice. When I saw him in “The woman in white” (currently at Charing Cross theatre in London, check my review) his charm was intact, despite playing the evil Sir Percival Glyde. It is the type of voice I could listen to for hours.


You are currently in “The Woman in White”, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s gothic musical. How is your experience going and how do you feel working with Andrew Lloyd?

I have loved working on reviving the Woman in White. This is my second show at the Charing Cross and I think the space is perfect for this story. It was a once in a lifetime experience to get to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber. My very first musical was playing in the kid’s choir in Joseph. I have always loved his music.

You have released an EP called “My Old love”. Tell us about it and what music do you like and are influenced by?

This Old love is my first ever recording! My agent in the UK Mildred Yuan had me fill out a list of goals that I wished to achieve. And on the list was to record an album. She really spearheaded the effort to find a producer/label. I had a blast working on it with a very talented music producer named James McMillan. We chose the songs together and worked together on the tone and style. He arranged all the songs and really made it all happen. The music on it is really the styles that I like the most. Music that is lyric driven has always been my favorite in musical theatre or not. So I am naturally drawn to beautiful folk music and Musical Theatre that says things poignantly such as "Send in the Clowns".



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