Hi Kay! Thank you for letting me interview you!  


How did you get into reviewing?

The West End feels like home for me.  My brain tends to be wired to the creative side with a huge dose of empathy!  I have always turned to theatre (predominately musical) when I have needed to escape whatever situation has cropped up in my life.  I was then asked by a fellow theatre goer to watch a play she was involved in with a view to writing a piece on her blog and it fell into place from there. I write for a variety of London Theatres. I also write for local newspapers.


You have interviewed lots of people – do you have a favourite show/actor?

I have been lucky enough to interview lots of people and that is something I am eternally grateful for.  I have so many favourites that it wouldn’t be fair to pick out just one! I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Joel Macy who has recently finished a run in Mousetrap - he managed to not divulge the secret to me despite my constant asking!


Why the theatre? There is a crossover from cinema to theatre with the likes of We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody etc.

Live theatre is mesmerising. The Arts inflame me internally in a way that going to the cinema doesn’t, I like to hear the score, see the curtain rise and fully immerse myself in the whole experience.  It's such a treat isn’t it?


What was the most recent show you have seen and did it live up to your expectation?

I saw 9-5 at the Savoy.  My plus one was someone, who whilst not new to theatre, certainly isn’t as regular an attender as I am.  My highlight of that evening was gauging his response to the experience. It also leaves an imprint, I was able to see theatre through his eyes and he was able to understand my love of the arts more fully. I enjoyed the show and am pleased to see that it has extended its run. The plus one will now be attending every show with me!


What would you say to someone who wants to get involved in reviewing?

It is easier these days to seek out opportunities, there is much more of a wider social platform.  I would also say develop a slightly hardened skin, rejection is constant and it can become difficult - dig deep and try to remain present through the hard times – they too shall pass.  With that in mind, always ask for help if you are challenged. There are plenty of forums available and do always contact me if you need to.