Lungiswa Plaatjies is a musician, singer and composer. Born and raised in Langa Township in Cape Town, she has toured extensively around the world with her music and is in the cast of South African Road Trip coming to the Peacock Theatre (see below).


Where does your passion for music and arts come from? Which artists have inspired you?

It starts at home, where my uncle, Dizu Plaatjies the founder of Amampondo, started rehearsing at home in Langa with traditional instruments. That’s where my true passion began for music and performing started.  Miriam Makeba, Letta  Mbulu and Fela Anikulapo Kuti.   


You are in the cast of "South African Trip" coming to the Peacock Theatre. Can you tell us more about the show?

The show is about expressing South African stories based in Cape Town and different viewpoints from the multifaceted cultures that make up Cape Town. This is done through dance and music which includes indigenous instruments and cultural dances that showcase not only Cape Town but South Africa.  


What do you think people should take away from this show?

The art that comes from South Africa and Africa, how the expressions of stories through music and dance, explore the healing of people through these mediums that we use to tell our stories as well as shed light on our cultures and we still express ourselves within the modern day. How culture is still being used to share love, light and hope through different music genres and styles of dance.   


Have you performed in London before?

Yes, I have with Amampondo, The Tempest (2010) and Kunene and the King with John Kani at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon.     


You have released your first album in 2000. What keeps you inspired and motivated?


Music and daily life, experiencing my music through all the places and faces I have performed for in my career.  


South African Road Trip: Good Hope will be at the Peacock Theatre, Tuesday 25 - 30 October. Tickets: here.