If you end up on this page it means you love theatre like me! These theatre reviews will help you navigate what theatre shows are must see's and what ones might be a miss.

Last year I attended more than 100 shows in London. Some amazing, some others great, others so so, others a complete waste of time. I want to share my passion for theatre with you, and create a place where we can discuss all the shows we get to see in this great city.

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Rent - Review - Frogmore Paper Mill

A different vision for this famous musical  more  

Fun Home - Review - Young Vic

A family tragicomic musical  more  

It happened in Key West - Review - Charing Cross Theatre

Is love stronger than death?  more  

The Jungle - Review - Playhouse Theatre

A profound play about the Calais Jungle  more  

Fake News - Review - King's Head Theatre

Journalism, social media and news is Baig's show  more  

No one is coming to save you - Review - The Bunker theatre

An exploration of what we’re waiting for and why we’re waiting.  more  

Il Divo - Review - Greenwich Time Music Festival

The group in Greenwich in their Castles and Country Tour  more  

The Murder Express - Review - Pedley Street Station

Fancy a dinner with murder?  more  

Libby's Eyes - Review - The Bunker Theatre

Libby is visually impaired. But she wants to function like everyone else.   more  

The Blue Electric Wind - Review - National Theatre Connections Festival

Soem 80s nostalgia for this play part of the NT Connections Festival  more