When I was first asked to review an online musical that lasts only 13 minutes I was inquisitive.  Would I be able to be invested in so short an amount of time?  It is testament to David Hunter and Caroline Kay that what seemed like a mammoth task, writing, recording, editing with the added bonus of NOT having had a single telephone call to talk about what was required or needed came together so seamlessly. 


The subject of how has lockdown affected relationship is topical and highly relevant and as we are all missing the theatre, it has bought home a little bit of love for something that the West End and beyond is desperately missing.


The Space Between is simple; and that is where the beauty lies. 

The songs that feature are heartfelt, intuitive and direct. Are You Happy Now is succinct and uplifting and then the coin flips and it becomes slow and deep, showing off Hunter's fine vocal range. Kay has a soft, melodic lilt to her voice and her exasperation in My Half of the Heart is tangible. The dialogue through the medium of song is exquisite. It is akin to reading a love letter … 'you make everything better, but I can't make everything right'. This is an emotive piece, packing a punch. I only have one critique  it's not long enough!


Review: Kay Johal